Posted by: Monideepa Tarafdar | February 11, 2010

Bits and Bytes

I first saw my grandson when he was all of twenty minutes old – inside an email picture my son sent me. When my daughter needs a recipe for Thanksgiving or a shoulder for  heartbreak, I write her an email or make a phone call. Never call me on a Sunday afternoon after church, for that is my time to watch my grand daughter growing up inside a Skype-powered web camera, from one week to another, from toothless grin to bunny teeth smile, from gurgles to giggles, from crawling to wobbling. My daughter-in-law posted pictures of my grandson’s karate black belt event on her Facebook page – they are lovely and he is beginning to look just like his father. Even so, I ache to hold and hug and smell them, to feel their little fingers in my hand, their arms around me, their cheeks on mine. Love means making do with bits and bytes.

I wrote this piece for the “6S Book on Love”, February 2010


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