Posted by: Monideepa Tarafdar | March 18, 2010


It used to be that I was a many-cornered boomeranger; perfection-driven, impatient, time-rushed, smile-abandoned. And then you fell sick and died, just like that. I learnt to live in the shadows of your laughter, your wisdom, your love, your serenity – a million times stronger in their absence. My corners turned into gentle grooves that others could snug in to; patience, acceptance, understanding, un-hurriedness, smile-crinkliness. How is it that the going away of the one I loved the most, has turned me into one who can love the world so much more? Why could it not have been so before?



  1. Of all your pieces that I have read, this one is flat out, by twenty thousand leagues and more, the one I am fondest of.

    Having said that, I think it would have been infinitely more powerful, had you left out the last line. It says nothing that the ones that came before it did not imply.

    Keep ’em coming!

    • Hey, thanks! The last sentence is the reason the rest of it exists, so I explicated it 🙂

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