Posted by: Monideepa Tarafdar | May 11, 2010

Even so, Remember me

The Tagore song “Tobu Mone Rekho” is a compelling call to love and longing. It is an urge to the beloved – to remember and cherish, across time and beyond death. When I hear the song, I think of loved ones I have lost. I hear them telling me – remember the good times, remember the love, remember the bond, remember the comfort our spirits shared. Even if doing so brings a tear or two, remember. It will make you strong.

Here is my translation of the original.

Even So, Remember Me
(Tobu Mone Rekho)

Even so, remember me
If I go far away
Remember me

If the light of old love
Is brightened by a new flame
Remember me

If I am close by
Like a shadow you cannot see
Even so, remember me

If our tender stories from honey soaked nights
Are suddenly cut short
And tears fill up your eyes
Remember me

When your work suddenly stands still
In the middle of all the bustle
Remember me

When you feel me tugging at your heart
At the turn of every season
Remember me

Even if tears no longer flow
When you think of me
Remember me
Yes, even so, remember me



  1. Hi Monideepa,

    Firstly thank you for visiting my blog and posting a comment on it. I must congratulate you for this translation. I am no philosopher and/or thinker, but the way I have been made to perceive Tagore by my Guru(Satyakam Sen) makes me believe that each time you read his poems, something entirely new unfolds. Something that might wring your heart or make you happy for no apparent reason.
    Your translation did that to me. Such difficult expressions, expressed in such simple terms.
    Very nice.


  2. Thanks, Sunrita.

    Yes, Tagore often makes my “heart wring” or brings “happiness for no reason” as you so nicely put it šŸ™‚

    Keep writing.

  3. Commendable Attempt

    • Thank you.

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