Posted by: Monideepa Tarafdar | July 4, 2010


He to she and she to he, “I love you, will you marry me?” and “Yes, oh yes!”

Then, “She looks just like you, my darling” and a few years later, “Did you pay the phone bill and drop off Sarah at soccer?”

Then, “She’s decided to go to Brown” and eventually, “she met someone – he is coming down for Thanksgiving.”

Then, “She hardly calls nowadays, our grandkids keep them busy” and some years later “after all, it’s a new world, do you think we fit in?”

Still more years later, “How did we get this frail? Did you take that medicine?”

Finally, “If I go first, make sure you eat properly, I suppose you will be able to get along fine without me?”, and “I don’t know”.


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