Posted by: Monideepa Tarafdar | September 28, 2010

From Barcelona: Celebration

From Barcelona, September 24, 2010

Barcelona is a never-ending and feisty celebration. There is so much joi-de-viure. From the cakes, truffles and tiramisus in the gothic lanes to the tapas in the sidewalk cafes, from the buildings that look like something else because you have never seen buildings look like that to the endless sea of people walking apparently to nowhere in particular, this city is audacious in its uniqueness. It makes no apologies and draws you in. No matter where you come from, once you get to Barcelona, you cannot help but discover or re-discover how much fun it can be to listen to people strumming on guitars and singing, look at surprisingly shaped buildings, walk like crazy because there is so much to see, kiss your sweetheart (on the subway train even, if you feel like it, what the heck) or just to eat ice creams and drink wine. Go Barcelona!

One of the buildings designed by Gaudi (postmodernist)

Ambling down the La Rambla


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