Posted by: Monideepa Tarafdar | September 16, 2013

Traveling Light

One of the things a move does is to make you want to travel light. It forces you to take a good look at what you really need and don’t. It forces you to go into the garage and ask yourself if you need twenty different tool boxes – will five be enough? It makes you look at the kitchen shelves and ask if you need fifteen sets of dinnerware – you could make do with six perhaps? You are forced to go through your closets and confront clothes you have not touched in five, six, ten years, and ask if you are better off without them and if someone else might be better off with them. I recently moved and did all of these – I cleaned out the garage, the kitchen and the closets. What I did not need I gave to those who did. And then it dawned – this stuff that I had been sorting through was not the real thing, anyway. What mattered was the stuff I would carry (or not) in my mind and heart.  It I could carry with me the lightness of love, inspirations, optimism and courage that have seeped into me from the places I have lived in and the people I have lived them with, and leave behind the dead-weights of fears, doubts, worries and  mind-cloudiness that I have tended to collect along the way – I would, with every move, allow myself to soar and reach toward whatever it is that I am moving to in the first place. Now that would really be traveling light.


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