I am Monideepa Tarafdar. These pages describe some of my meanderings as I go about, well, meandering. I “try” to keep my meanderings to four categories.

1. Dis-ambiguation: Learning and teaching hopefully being attempts toward clarity – On being a student and a teacher

2. Found in Translation: Translations from theory and the classroom into practice, relating mostly to the management and use of Information Technology by companies and people

3. Something Old Something New: Reviews and summaries of new and old research articles and books that I read or re-visit

4. Stopping by Woods: “The woods are lovely, dark and deep….” – Images, words, memories and music that I chance upon.

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Stop by and share a thought or two if you find something that resonates.

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  1. School stirs up so many memories, it’s difficult to articulate even a single one with due justice! A melee of so many shades-I cannot figure out which one dominates.
    The friendships that grew, form, my most cherished images,some of the teachers who concentrated -more on the skills of living happily -than on learning from books verbatim live on fondly…There are some resentments, also pain-well I cannot explain…
    When on a particular day I found myself almost bumping into the princi-Sister Sicily, while gleefully running/skating onto the polished floorings-she shouted at me-condescendingly-“behave like a lady”-the roaring hit my ear drums-I still cannot figure out what she meant.
    Perhaps that is what I did not like about my school-there was a little too much of regimentation-well others may call it discipline-we were moulded to become stereotyped-Yes today I understand,why I have to try so hard to undo the many traits in myself that I do not approve of.
    Of-course I am conscious of a lot of beautiful moments-those that nurtured the seeds of nobility,humility and truthfulness in us.Sister Rosario is a fixture of compassion in my mental scrap-bk.She appeared to me an ocean of love-i wanted to be like her-whose mere look would brighten somebody’s day-so was my v. sp. Virtuous-Rita Singh-one of the few affectionate persons I have come across in life.
    Ofcourse my school life tapestry -even a little fraction of it would be incomplete without the mention of somebody by the name of Monideepa Tarafdar.A very mainstreamed persona-given to everything that school expected from a child-she stood for everything that was beyond my radar.
    It is not possible to abate the flow -but for the time being I must!
    I will indulge in this luxury some other time.Thanks for the oppurtunity.

  2. Thanks Vidushi, for sharing your thoughts! Yes, Rita Singh was special indeed. So was Sister Rosario.

  3. Yes at LTS was great…what we learned in the classes, LTS was great & foundational …but life was more than that…Always typical nothing unusal – looking at inside the walls of the school……what happened outside was also interesting & great ….the tempos & rickshaws – where we sat overcrowded – close to each other, running & hanging behind them….shouting & laughing…finishing the scaps in the tiffins…& when we could ride cycles…waiting for the Loretonians to be released so that we could once in a while wait for ‘our one’ to follow…..wait for that impossible hi …..or await those debate & dramatics or sports days when we competed or just be there within the walls – competing, complimenting and crooning…..it’s so much fun rejuvenating nostaligically those moments having lived a great school life…..that created some of it what we are today….thanks for sharing.

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